Canine Good Manners (Basic class)


Teach your dog everything s/he needs to know to be a great companion. In this four-week class, your dog will learn all the basic commands, including sit, stay, down, and come. We'll work on canine social graces too, like walking nicely on leash and polite (no jumping!) greetings. And we'll provide positive, effective training solutions for housetraining, digging, nipping, and barking. 

Intermediate Dog Training


Take your dog’s training to the next level! In this four-week Intermediate class, your dog will improve and polish his or her foundation behaviors, and owners will sharpen their training skills. We’ll work on canine good manners, fun tricks, and training challenges. This class is excellent preparation for the Canine Good Citizen test. The CGC test will be administered at the final class session. This class is open to dogs who have completed a basic-level obedience class.

Fun & Games for Dogs and Owners


Teach your dog a trick--or several! It just might be the start of his/her movie career. In this fun class, you'll learn how to teach your dog a range of tricks from basic ("shake") to more advanced ("take a bow"; "play the piano"). You can even teach your dog to put away his/her toys! It's a fun way to enhance your bond with your dog and to sharpen your training skills.



Class Descriptions and Private Training


Private lessons, in your home or at another location (e.g., a neighborhood park), give you the flexibility to train your dog when it's most convenient for you.


Private training is a good way to prepare your dog for a group class. If your dog is shy, easily distracted, or reactive around other dogs or people, a few private sessions can help him or her make the transition to working in a group class environment.


Another reason to consider private training is for the one-on-one attention it provides. A private session—or a series of sessions—can be a very effective way to work with specific behavior issues. We'll evaluate the problem, develop training and/or behavioral management approaches, teach you how to use them effectively, and follow up with implementation at home.

Private training